Vegesoft® vegetarian softgel capsules

Vegesoft®, non-gelatin softgel capsules are yet another innovation from EuroCaps.

Vegesoft® utilises patented technology which produces a vegetarian softgel capsule with strength and stability comparable to animal gelatin capsules.

Vegesoft® derive their strength and durability from Carrageenan, an extract of seaweed, which means the capsules can be manufactured using the same equipment as standard gelatin softgels. This allows our extensive softgel manufacturing experience to be applied to this exciting new technology to achieve a product of exceptional quality and strength.


In their natural state, Vegesoft® capsules are crystal clear, but they can also be supplied in an array of different colours, sizes and shapes exactly as per standard softgel capsules. Vegesoft® may be manufactured using a wide variety of fill materials, with plant oils a very popular choice, as well as many other natural products including complex oil/powder suspensions.

Vegesoft® has these key benefits to offer:
• Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
• Free from materials of animal origin
• Robust, non-brittle capsules
• Wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and fill materials
• GMO free
• Satisfactory alternative to a gelatin softgel

EuroCaps offers a complete service from development to finished product and we would be delighted to help create and supply your product with Vegesoft® technology.

Vegetarian Products

Vegetarian Products