As part of DCC, we are committed to our corporate sustainability principles through which we continually identify and investigate specific projects that further our sustainability objectives, including:

We track our energy usage continuously, and report it via our quarterly corporate monitoring regime.  We have been successful at making initial reductions and we continue to work actively with the Carbon Trust to explore the feasibility of further energy saving projects.


All employees are committed to the DCC Code of Business Ethics.  This ensures a common commitment to the highest standards of behaviour in our daily responsibilities.  In addition, through our membership of SEDEX we ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain.  

Our Health & Safety policies and active working groups provide ongoing training and development which helps protect the well-being of all members of our staff and visitors.


In addition to these core principles, we continue to investigate raw materials derived from certifiable, sustainable sources.  Examples include marine oils such as Cod Liver Oil, Krill Oil and Squid Oil as well as packaging materials such as wooden pallets and carton boxes.  

Further details of our corporate sustainability policy can be obtained at