Softgel Encapsulation Services

Our services extend beyond softgel encapsulation and include innovation, formulation development, product development, regulatory support, analytical and stability testing. In addition, we work with our customers on branding, range review and packaging.


Our softgel innovation and product development services bring new ideas to our customers to extend, improve and grow their portfolios. Please see our Product Development and Innovation sections.

If you have registration needs for your product, we can help you by providing the documentation and support you require.

We are members of the HFMA (Health Food Manufacturer’s Association) and Leatherhead Food Research who provide us with more specific expertise when required.

Additionally in the UK, we have close contacts with the MHRA, Food Standards Agency (FSA), Department of Health and Trading Standards organisations ensuring that we are up to date with regulations and impending changes to legislation.

Our softgel pharmaceutical principles will provide you with a fully packed product, in blisters, cartons or pots if you require.