We're delighted that we are now able to offer Friend of the Sea as an addition to our exisitng accreditations.
We are delighted to announce that Elite One Source Nutritional Services (Elite), has been acquired by DCC Health & Beauty Solutions (DCC Health & Beauty), a leading provider of contract manufacturing and related services to the European Health and Beauty Sector.
EuroCaps Ltd announces a major expansion of activities at its Tredegar site.
Helping to protect the environment and communities where palm oil is produced.
EuroCaps Ltd is using energy from the sun.
Our commitment to providing marine products that are responsibly sourced.
Prioritising ethics and responsibility.
EuroCaps Ltd acquires Bema Engineering Limited
On 30 January, DCC Healthcare strengthened DCC Health & Beauty Solutions through the recent acquisition of Universal Products (Lytham) Manufacturing Limited (“Universal”), a British contract manufacturer of creams and liquids, based on an enterprise valuation of £13.45 million.
The European Government recently published approved health claims for many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Let us help you develop ranges that qualify for on-pack claims.