We are leaders in Oil encapsulation and have expertise in Capsule Manufacturing.

We have an extremely diverse Softgel product range and manufacture over 2,000 formulations from simple oil products to complex paste formulations.


For our paste formulations, we have three mixing vessels varying in size from 400 to 1200 litres; this gives us the flexibility to manufacture a wide range of batch sizes.

One of our specialities is encapsulation of high strength fish oils. We have numerous vessels which are specifically designed to minimise oxidisation of these highly sensitive oils and have onsite nitrogen generation to support this.

Once you reach encapsulation, we have two machine sizes which again provide us with great flexibility and the ability to produce both small and large volumes of softgels efficiently.

Our facility is state-of-the-art and we operate a very lean, flexible and efficient process. We recently completed a £3 million expansion which has resulted in a potential capacity of approximately 3 billion softgels per year.

Many of our staff have been with the company since it began in 1994 and, in that time, have built up a wealth of vital experience in the manufacture of oils and paste products and, more recently, with Vegesoft® (vegetarian) and Softburst™ (Chewable) capsules.

To complement their experience, all our staff are highly trained for the manufacture of softgels; our operations comply to cGMP standards and we are approved by the MHRA.

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of continuous improvement and delighting the customer in all areas of manufacturing.