Softburst™ Chewable capsules

SoftBurst™ capsules are one of latest innovations from EuroCaps. They are great tasting, chewable soft gelatin capsules designed to improve the taste and convenience of supplementation!

SoftBurst™ capsules have chewable, quick dissolving capsule shells combined with great tasting, flavoured capsule fills. The SoftBurst™ concept is particularly appealing for children’s supplements or for the elderly where swallowing tablets or capsules is not an option. They also bring an added convenience to general supplementation in that they do not require water so can be taken on the move.


The fill of SoftBurst™ capsules has been designed to maximise its taste and mouthfeel. We use high quality flavours and taste masking ingredients, as well as some of the highest purity active ingredients available, in order to deliver one of the finest products on the market. The capsule fill can be formulated to meet your own label claims and with a choice of flavours.

The SoftBurst™ capsule shell has been developed to be quick-dissolving as well as chewable to help reduce the time remaining gelatin spends in the mouth. Flavours which are complimentary to the capsule fill are included to maximise the taste.

EuroCaps offers a complete service from development to finished product and we would be delighted to help to create and supply your product with SoftBurst™ technology.

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